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At homes and businesses in Southern Oregon we have designed, installed, and serviced car ports, RV shelters, equipment shelters, and animal shelters. We will help you get the best product installed in your outdoor project.

Carport & RV Shelter Services

The most common carport we design and install is a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from the elements.

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The structure of your carport can either be free standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures a carport does not have four walls, and usually has one or two. Carports offer less protection than garages but you can maximize the design and each design allows for more ventilation.

There are two deistic designs: mobile and /or enclosed. Each of those has the same purpose as a standard carport but may be removed/relocated and is typically framed with tubular steel. The design can include canvas or a vinyl type covering which encloses the complete frame, even the walls.

All carports can be designed to be accessible with a front entry or open entryway.

Carport Services, RV Garage

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Many people would say that carports are generally similar with a garage. Partly correct. Carports house your vehicles for safety purposes, and garages also do the same. But when you look at the construction and cost of these two vehicle houses, you will notice the big difference despite having the same functions of protecting a car.

A garage is typically constructed as a part of the house. It is made with cement with all the electrical wirings needed. At the instant you hear that it's part of the house, you'll probably think about the time it will take for carpenters or a construction company to build your garage.

A carport offers a possible solution. Made of metal -- most often aluminum or steel -- carports protect vehicles from storms and sunlight. At the same time, because they're just a frame and a covering, they have an open feel. It's also more economical to build a carport than it is to build an addition on a garage. So whether you have a car, van, trailer or boat to protect, a carport may offer the perfect solution.

Types of Carports

Prefabricated Metal
This type of carport structure is usually made with the use of galvanized steel. From the term ‘prefabricated’, this structure are already constructed prior to delivery so minimal assembly is needed. The only thing that the home owner has to do is to set it up and put a roof on top. This semi-permanent structure resembles a party tent that is made out of steel.

Party Tent
Party tent carports are basically party tents that are large enough to cover and protect the car. Since this type of carport is made up of polyethylene poles, it is light weight and can be easily transferred from one spot to the other. However, this carport option is not as stable and sturdy as any other carport structures.

This type of carport is made up of aluminum rods. Because of this, its weight lies between the party tent carports and prefabricated metal canopies. It is still lightweight and quite portable. Despite its light weight, it is considered a lot sturdier than party tent carports. The aluminum material is rust-resistant, allowing it to withstand rain and sunshine without showing wear.

Extension Garage
If you are looking forward to making your carport permanent, this is the best option for you. Extension garages are usually made of concrete and can withstand the attack of storms and snows. This is usually done by extending the garage structure by a few meters then putting polycarbonate sheets on top to serve as a roof.

RV Garage
A recreational vehicle is a very big piece of machinery. Keeping it outside makes it prone to theft as well as vandalism. In order to prevent that, you need an RV garage. Didn’t think it’s possible for a behemoth to fit in such a dwelling? We have already designed and built more that one RV shelter for our satisfied clients.

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