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We are a local general contractor that focuses on the design, installation, and repair of customized patio covers, awnings, screen rooms, solar screens, pergolas, and carports in Southern Oregon.

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Tim Hubbard is the owner of Patio Covers Oregon, LLC and the general contractor ofTim Hubbard Construction (CCB #43733).

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  • Freestanding Pergola Custom Design & Installation
  • Pergola Installed In Medford Oregon
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  • Pergola Installed In Medford Oregon
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Provide our customers with quality home improvement services to design, install, and maintain quality products that upgrade their outdoor living experiences.


1. Make sure we communicate well with our clients.
2. Make sure the highest quality materials are used in our projects.
3. Provide the most skilled craftsmen to get the job done.
4. Above all, we’ll always “Do What’s Right”.

We enjoy the privilege of providing quality, old-fashioned workmanship and service, combined with the very latest technologies, techniques, and materials, giving our customers the best bang for their buck. Tim Hubbard has been successful and built his business because he takes the time to educate his clients and customers. In that education process the best product is recognized and you benefit in your remodeling services, making the entire experience more enjoyable.


Design / Build ConstructionThe design- build construction concept is a new approach to construction management offering greater cost control through single source responsibility. This concept applies the efficiency and control found in good business practices to the construction process. Based on the “Master Builder” concept, the design-build approach streamlines the building process by allowing multiple steps to overlap and therefore shortening the entire process.

Advantages of a Design Build Contractor
There are a number of advantages that come with using a design build contractor for your next construction project.

1. Better Cost Control
Possibly the most important advantage of using a design-build contractor for construction projects is the greater cost control offered with this approach. Our design-build construction services can determine the total cost of a project sooner and help keep your project on budget.

2. Efficient / More Simplified Construction Approach
Using a design-build contractor for your construction project will result in a simpler more efficient building process. Since our general contractor is in charge of managing all aspects of your project’s design and construction, separate processes can overlap resulting in a quicker and more efficient process. For example, with this building method, the company can begin acquiring permits and even begin construction while the design is being finalized. As a result, this process improves efficiency for construction projects.

3. Design-Build Construction Saves Time
With design-build construction, the entire bidding process is eliminated, thus immediately cutting this time from a project. In addition, with this approach to construction, other activities can overlap including ordering critical materials and scheduling subcontractors resulting in a streamlined process.

4. Single Source Responsibility
You will work with our company as the single entity responsible for all aspects of design and construction. We take sole responsibility for delivering your completed construction project on time and on budget. With this process, ideas are generated through a cooperative approach between architectural, engineering, and construction teams resulting in an enjoyable and beneficial process for both the client and the entire design-build team.

Focus Areas

We offer custom design, installation and maintenance services for the following five areas:

Awning Services
There are many types of awnings for your home or business. We will work with you to design a customized solution that fits your budget. For example, an awning on a building may be above a window, a door, or above the area along a sidewalk. It can be made from a durable clot material or fabricated with metal. When you add columns to an area the awning becomes more of a canopy, which extends further from a building. One example is the awning you see at a hotel from the entrance to the street. Another example is that restaurants often use awnings big enough to cover substantial an outdoor area for outdoor dining, parties, or reception.

Carport Services - Residential and Commercial
We design, install, and maintain both residential and commercial carports, including Home Owner Associations. Your car, boat, and RV deserves the protection of a quality carport. Call us today for a free estimate.

Patios Cover Contractor Services
The patio is an extension of your home, and it’s also a part of your landscape. A covered patio is the perfect outdoor living for any size budget. After a barbecue or cookout, you’ll often not be inclined to stack chairs or fold up umbrellas to move your outdoor furniture out of the way of the weather. A covered patio is the right choice to get more relaxation time from your back yard.

Screen Room Services
Whether you’re looking to add a porch to your home or to replace or modify your current porch, screen rooms can be the industries standards choice for almost any home, and our professional services will help. We’ll work directly with you on the design, and we’ll make sure that you’re involved throughout the process while also receiving exactly the services you need to keep your project on track.

Sunroom Services
Sunrooms are a wonderful way to spruce up your home especially when they are in a blend of a porch. They can turn an existing room or open space into your very own four season room. Sunrooms aren’t fully indoors or outdoors, but somewhere in between. They’re not a porch or a deck, and they’re not like any other room in your home. Sunrooms are completely one-of-a-kind. They will enhance the beauty and value of your property.

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Our Vendors

We select the fined manufacturers of quality materials to install at our client locations.


The "Original" Sunroom Manufacturer Since 1947.

C-Thru Sunrooms is a family owned and operated company. We have been in business since 1947 and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country. Over the years, our products have constantly been improved by incorporating the latest manufacturing, construction, and energy-efficiency technologies.

C-Thru Sunrooms was founded in 1947 as the C-Thru Aluminum Awning Company. One of our basic business philosophies is that "Our customers deserve a quality product at a price they can afford."

C-Thru has led the pioneering effort in producing such items as the structural aluminum patio cover, the patio room enclosure, safe integrated electrical raceway systems, and the finest sunroom in the industry, along with enumerable other first of their kind innovations, and holds many patens on them through the years.

C-Thru Sunrooms has established itself as a world-class manufacturer of sunrooms, conservatories, and patio covers & enclosures. In the 2000's C-Thru brought the same quality and years of experience into developing an exceptional and elegant line of replacement windows and doors. Over 60 years of experience have led to product lines that are beautiful, durable, and second to none. In this process, C-Thru has produced products that are superior in many ways to conventional home additions, while elevating the standards to which all sunrooms, patio covers, windows and doors are produced.

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We have been providing craftsmanship in the design, installation, and repair of patio covers, carports, screen rooms, and sunrooms to Souther Oregon for over 30 years.

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