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Tim Hubbard Construction, General Contractor

For over 30 years Tim Hubbard has been working successfully with home owners, home owner associations, and business owners to improve property values and provide craftsmanship quality patio covers and carports.

As a locally owned and operated construction services company we specialize in the design, installation, and repair of customized patio covers, awnings, screen rooms, sunrooms,patio rooms, and carports in Southern Oregon. If you have a dream, I can design it and build it for you. Call me, Tim Hubbard (CCB #43733), today at (541) 479-5943.

Over the years customers usually mention one or more of these concerns for which I have a solution:

1. Increase Living Area
2. Protect Property
3. Enhance Property Value
4. Transform Outdoor Living Area
5. Modify Existing Room
6. Reduce Energy Costs
7. Add More Comfort Space
8. Provide Face Lift To Exterior

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The several types of patio covers, awnings, or a screen room do have distinct energy reduction advantages that contribute to more sustainable buildings. For example, awnings result in cooling energy savings by reducing direct solar gain through windows. This directly reduces the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions. Solar screens can significantly reduce indoor temperature and therefore save money on your cooling costs. Depending on the type of fabric used, the solar screen can reduce ambient room temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduced peak demand may also result in energy cost savings in the future if residential customers are charged higher rates during peak periods. Another outcome of peak demand reduction is the overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to build new generating capacity

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Sun Room General Contractor

Patio enclosures sunrooms, screen rooms or solariums clearly add to your living space, more importantly, they also increase the value of the property while affording you more exposure to natural light.

Research studies have shown that people subconsciously seek out sunlit places and enjoy spending time in natural light.

But the facts also indicate that tangible living benefits are associated with spending time in spaces providing abundant natural light. For example, it is known that natural light can influence positive health in people, plants, animals.

More than one study has proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer. Natural light has also proven to regulate some disorders including SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Vitamin D is an essential mineral for all people. This vitamin has numerous benefits including immune system regulation, body weight maintenance, asthma symptom control as well as helping to keep the brain working efficiently into later life. Exposure to sunlight is the primary method in which people receive a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

At a home or business, there are many places an awing can be placed and different types of material that awnings are made from. The location of an awning on a building may be above a window, a door, or above the area along a sidewalk. With the addition of columns an awning becomes a canopy, which is able to extend further from a building, as in the case of an entrance to a hotel. Restaurants often use awnings broad enough to cover substantial outdoor area for outdoor dining, parties, or reception.

These rooms are a nice sort of blend of a home addition and a porch, and they’re a great thing to add on to nearly any home. Sunrooms aren’t fully indoors or outdoors, but somewhere in between. They’re not a porch or a deck, and they’re not like any other room in your home. Sunrooms are completely one-of-a-kind. Essentially, they’re a room addition that has a tremendous amount of windows.

In some locales you will find restaurants with screen rooms or a sun room. More often these types of businesses have some type of covered patio.

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It is very common to see carports at a home or rural estate for cars, farm equipment, or an RV. Many people use carports because they can’t use their garage. Your garage is full of stuff: a workbench, bicycles, and the boxes that won’t fit anywhere else. Just because there is no room in the garage doesn’t mean you must forgo protecting your vehicles. You paid good money for your vehicles -- you don't want to let the elements destroy the paint job. And who wants to scrape ice-encrusted windshields first thing in the morning?

Patio Covers and Pergolas are the most frequent request service we provide. They have a long history that stretches back to the ancient Egyptians, who used them to avoid the heat when walking from building to building. They also used pergolas to vine plants like grapes.

Patio covers are a great leisure addition to a home because there are so many styles and types to choose from. Pergolas are one of the oldest types of garden architecture that have stood the test of time.

Today, due to technological advancements in designs and materials, patio covers and pergolas are available to almost any budget while offer varying benefits of beauty, convenience, and comfort to your home or business.

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We have been providing craftsmanship in the design, installation, and repair of patio covers, carports, screen rooms, and sunrooms to Souther Oregon for over 30 years.

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